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Go to the Basket

Whatever the way you communicate, it is polluting.
The data centers (needed for the social networks and the web in general) are as polluting as global civil aviation. Demonstrations, newspapers, magazines, flyers, posters, flags, signs, vinyl on vehicles, tv, radio, web, messages, calls, mails… are polluting.
Anyway we had to choose a way to communicate to share our INDIGNATION.
We chose the Sticker (and we use our profits to plant trees to be CO2 neutral and other useful actions for the environment – feel free to contact us).

Why Sticker ?
Because you will get a long life communication support.
Today if you post a message on a social network, there are so many every minute that you are not visible any more after a very short period of time.
On the contrary, if you stick a sticker to a smart place of your choice, it will stay visible for a looooooong time.

Share our philosophy and messages wherever you can !
Fight for our habitat. Fight against consumer society.
Think carefully before each act of purchase.
Let's go back to a smart and local way of life.

Stop being the victim of marketing !
Marketing is an infection of old age. Unfortunately we are all contaminated.
Homo Marketingus is dead guys… and we will follow if we do not react, act and change our way of life very veryyy quickly.
We all need to change our behaviors and habits…

Stickiton !? A way to fight for a new world !

Our stickers

Les Tambours de Brazza
Fuku & Hiro
Who will clean your f.....g waste ?
You said rock ?
Crush on
Rock your ass
Kiss my art
Human spirit
Electric cars... and after ?
Green World